Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sachet Tutorial - Part Two

My little sachet deserves it's own special stand.

Following up on yesterday's post these are the next steps you need to complete a pretty beaded sachet.  The little fabric pillow looks pretty on its own but it sure looks fabulous with some beading.  I prefer to sew beaded edges with real beading needles because the cotton fabric is a little stiff.  Regular sewing needles are hard to work with.  They are too thick and make really large holes for each stitch.

I picked up the same group of five beads on my needle.  After stitching the group of five in place I often did a quick back stitch so the beads were held securely in place.

Once I had beaded the top and both sides I stopped to stuff the sachet with fiberfill and some lavender. 

I used extra ribbons on the bottom after I sewed shut the opening.

Here it is.  A sweet beaded sachet.