Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sachet Tutorial - Part One


I had a few emails about my Easter Sachet idea and thought I would just create a short tutorial for anyone who wants to try making one.

I print my own images on cotton fabric using a plain old ink jet printer.  I get the 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of pretreated cotton at craft or fabric stores.  These happy images are from a My Craft Studio CD.

 If you want your sachet to have a ribbon dangle, you need to place it on the inside of your two pieces of fabric at this point. 

 Then I take my square to my sewing machine.  These sachets are so small that you could hand sew them too.  

Sometimes I mark the fabric so that I remember to leave an opening on the bottom.   This way when I turn my fabric inside out I'll still have a good sized opening in order to add the stuffing.

Here is the sachet turned inside out.  You can see the ribbon is now a nice addition neatly sewn in place.  It helps if you have something to poke the corners from the inside.

Tomorrow I'll show you how to glam up the sachet with jewelery components!

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  1. What a cool technique - to print your own fabric. The possibilities are endless. TFS!