Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Happy Face

I see smiley faces everywhere. They must be getting popular again. It is such a simple and perfect graphic design that also makes you smile back.

This is our foster child Roshni. She lives in India and every year I get a new picture of her.
She doesn't smile for the photographer. The first picture made me laugh since I could definitely sense she was not impressed by the photographer. The next year, still no smile. The third year I opened the envelope quickly to see how much she had grown...nope no smile. Fourth year, she is not giving away smiles.

This year. Still no smile. :(
I have to hope that she has moments in her life that are occasionally fun. Her family is intact and while they are poor, she is attending school daily about 45 minutes away from home. They still hand pump their water from a well. Without sponsorship, there is no way for most families in this part of the world to send a girl to school.
I can smile knowing that we can change this one child's life for the better.
In fact, I can smile enough for both of us.

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