Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dove Of The East Sample Ribbon Necklace

Here I go. Another OMG where can I wear this necklace piece.

A closer look gives you a peak at all the ribbon dangles I sewed and beaded to make this necklace.

Wondering where I got such a superb collection of ribbons?
Dove of The East.

This is their sample set for vendors. I'm a vendor...and a lover of ribbon so I just knew something more had to be done with this amazing sample selection.

As I type this, I know that the owner of Dove of the East, Doveen will be jumping up and down when she sees this.

One of these days I am meeting her in Hong Kong so I can go to the ribbon market with her.

In the mean time, I just have to be happy stocking her ribbons and making these one of a kind necklaces.

Every week since August I have added 4-6 new dangles to my pile.

The brocade ribbons are fantastic and of course, the velvets are to die for.

It took me a long time to attach them all to this one chain.

I have a spectacular necklace to wear at ScrapFest this Friday and Saturday...and a lot of these ribbons are available for anyone to buy in my booth!