Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Aprons For ScrapFest

I thought it might be a good idea to wear some of the Dove of The East paper I am selling in my booth this week at ScrapFest.

I found some iron on vinyl at my local fabric store. I have never use iron on vinyl before this project, but I will now that I have played with the paper. Iron on vinyl turns fabric into waterproof material.

The paper became very stiff! I couldn't decide if I would wear the whole apron or if I would wear it as a half size version. I knew at this point that if I put the vinyl covered paper any hirer on the apron that I would not be able to bend.....

Sewing all that paper to the apron bottom was a challenge. Since it was so stiff I had to roll the apron in order to get to each edge.

I made two and black. I thought I might just pull out a few embellishments......

Now we have aprons that show off some of the papers! The addition of a button or two will complete the look!


  1. Aren't you clever. I've never used the iron on stuff either.

  2. Very clever, Carmi! I love the embellishments you are adding....

  3. which one's mine?
    they both look amazing

  4. OH!! Those are awesome! You will have to let us know how well the paper 'wears'. Does it wrinkle or crease if you fold the vinyl? I saw some of this vinyl when I was shopping for HeatnBond and I think I may have to check it out further now!

  5. I love the papers, Carmi! Where can I buy them? I'm not going to the Scrapfest :-(