Friday, October 15, 2010

More Samples Featuring Dove of The East Papers

This bag knocked my socks off!

Ludgera made it by carefully attaching plastic to Dove of The East papers and then sewing it into this amazing sample.

I am thrilled to have this bag as a sample at ScrapFest today. Our booth opens at 5pm and then we have a huge day tomorrow too!

Ludgera also made this book. I don't think I am giving this back.

Encaustic people will go wild when they see Nancy's take on the papers. These 12 x 12 pieces are layered in wax. You can only see this in person since it is so hard to photograph wax. Nancy's my ScrapFest assistant so I know she would be happy to chat more about this technique in person.

It is a great week for Dove of the East. Doveen (owner and designer) started her blog and I am linked to it!


  1. the BB is ready to work!!!

  2. I would so be there if I lived close by.

  3. Nancy, by BB you must mean "Bright and Beautiful", have a great time and thanks for helping my very creative house elf.

    And Ludgera, I loved the bag, just wish I had a store to showcase all Carmi's friend's wonderful and inspired creations. Hmmm. There's a thought for 2011.

    Paul Godin

  4. Sounds like you guys are going to have a blast.