Thursday, July 15, 2010

The All About Me Necklace

I am calling this the "all about me necklace" because the individual images I picked are very reflective of who I am. The images come from a very talented digital artist who sells her images online. I loved so many of the images that I made dozens of resin filled bezels for an art card series. I then set aside my favorites for this necklace. Patty is the artist of these images but her site is called Lisa's Altered Art as a salute to her daughter Lisa.

Lisa's Altered Art sells the funnest digital image sheets. She has an angel policy with her work which you know from past blogs is very important to me. She encourages the purchasers of her art to use it in their own handmade projects that they can sell.
I still emailed her to double check though. I decided to make these resin filled bezels for an art card series. Then I made a separate set of bezels for my necklace.

Thinking about how cute these images were I then made one complete set of "the funny girls" into one inch buttons for my online button store. Each button is funnier than the next! I plan to select buttons that match girlfriends....yup....Christmas gift giving ideas!

You can order these button from me anytime now. I have so many one inch buttons in my web store now!

But back to my necklace. These are the images and quotes I picked that are "Me."

will double dog dare you
double dips
has a dark side
keeps secrets
will drive the get-away car
will help hide the evidence
marches to the beat of her own drum
colours outside the lines


  1. Loooooooooooooove it Carmi!! hummmm getting me thinking!! :) Those images are fabulous - Must check it out!

  2. Oh Carmi! These are brilliant! I'm ordering the entire set. I just love this sort of thing and they make special little gifts for sure. Brava my genius! "Rerve" is my word verification. I'm reved for sure!

  3. this would make a great
    card series