Thursday, July 15, 2010

Welcome To My Art Girl's Guide To Paris Blog!

In 2010 I announced the release of my very own "Guidebook To Paris!" I published it myself and I found the whole process very rewarding.

This is the guide book to Paris I wish someone had written for me ten years ago when I first started going to Paris. I have managed to learn more and more about Paris each time I visit. Like any grand city, it could take a life time. For those of you who have followed my travels to Paris on my other blog I hope you will be happy to hear that I have pulled all my research and tips into this guidebook!

This book began as a quick email. The email turned into a memo. Then the memo turned into a blog series. All because ten to twelve times a year I get a message which always begins with "Hi Carmi, I know you go to Paris every year, do you have any recommendations for us?"

I think of going to Paris as a workshop. It is my opportunity to see new colours, new embellishments, new designs. This is what inspires me.

I normally go to Paris once a year. So far, the places I love remain open. I would hate to send someone to a cafe or store that has closed. Now that I have this blog and a Facebook page I'll do regular updates. 

The book is available for you to preview and buy at  You can purchase a digital or hard copy!