Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Glossy Glam Shaker Cards

There are days when the image dictates the card making in the studio.
This set would have been beautiful no matter what I did since the women were all so glamorous.

Once again the sewing supplies were raided. I placed sequins on the main image of each card and then sewed an acetate cover to the card front. After the sewing is done...the sequins still move about, hence the name shaker. This is a flat version of a snow globe!

Sewing on paper is my specialty I think. I attach the image and background paper without adding tape too.

I decided to also add some other fibers. Sky's the limit when I get on a roll and the fabric comes out too!

These big sequins were in a container for a long time. I could not figure out where or on what to place them. They have a home now!

I thought the bird on the acetate perfectly matched the bird on this gal's arm.
This set of cards will be part of the Christmas items I am stockpiling for the fall shows. I think I will make a few more shakers this week since I love the effect so much.