Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Necklace To Celebrate Mariage Freres Tea!

This necklace is a salute to my favorite Tea company. The Mariage Freres Tea House is a "must see" destination for anyone going to Paris. The Teas they have on stock are so fantastic and the tea room is a wonderful experience to enjoy as well. The Mariage Freres is the oldest Tea company in Paris.

They have limited edition teas that are released annually. I immediately go to these because I know they will be special. They are just like vintage wines, when they are gone, they are gone. This spring I picked up this fabulous 2010 Green tea with cherry blossom. It smells so fresh! The tea is in a beautiful tin, but the box is pretty spectacular too.

Loving foil as I do, I could not resist seeing if I could recycle the packaging. I cut out one inch circles and then glued them to these gold bezels. I was so excited to begin the project that I forgot a very important step. I ordinarily protect my papers before I pour the resin with several layers of clear glue. Since I didn't, there was some staining once the resin was poured. But call me crazy...I liked it!

These are some of the windows I have photographed at the Mariage Tea House. Now I wish I kept those boxes too!

Isn't the hot pink wild? The tins look fantastic lined up on my shelf and I use the tea very sparingly.
It has to be savored!

I can't wait to see what flavor they release next...and hopefully, the packaging will be just as exciting!


  1. Beautiful bracelet & such an original idea.

  2. i love my tea too!!
    but i didn't get a box but i will save the tin for you!
    great necklace, maybe a little eiffel tower???

  3. What time are you "pouring"...the tea that is :)

  4. Wow! They came out beautifully!

  5. Thanks friends! This was a great idea I was dying to test out!

  6. Very creative! What a great idea. I will never look at a box the same. You have inspired me. Thanks, Connie

  7. sooooo gorgeous!!!

    I love this! jean

  8. What a eco-friendly idea and beautiful to boot! I love paper of all kinds and don't throw much away. Ya just never know.

    I made some paper cones from magazines from Paris dating back to 1905 you can see on my blog

  9. Very creative way to wear your favorite tea, the colors are brilliant and beautiful!