Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Necklace To Celebrate Mariage Freres Tea!

This necklace is a salute to my favorite Tea company. The Mariage Freres Tea House is a "must see" destination for anyone going to Paris. The Teas they have on stock are so fantastic and the tea room is a wonderful experience to enjoy as well. The Mariage Freres is the oldest Tea company in Paris.

They have limited edition teas that are released annually. I immediately go to these because I know they will be special. They are just like vintage wines, when they are gone, they are gone. This spring I picked up this fabulous 2010 Green tea with cherry blossom. It smells so fresh! The tea is in a beautiful tin, but the box is pretty spectacular too.

Loving foil as I do, I could not resist seeing if I could recycle the packaging. I cut out one inch circles and then glued them to these gold bezels. I was so excited to begin the project that I forgot a very important step. I ordinarily protect my papers before I pour the resin with several layers of clear glue. Since I didn't, there was some staining once the resin was poured. But call me crazy...I liked it!

These are some of the windows I have photographed at the Mariage Tea House. Now I wish I kept those boxes too!

Isn't the hot pink wild? The tins look fantastic lined up on my shelf and I use the tea very sparingly.
It has to be savored!

I can't wait to see what flavor they release next...and hopefully, the packaging will be just as exciting!