Monday, June 07, 2010

Too Cute For Monday!

All right. I could not resist posting my portrait of Magnus here on my art blog this morning. For those of you at work, I sure I hope you let out one big "he's so cute" before you get on with your day.

Quite a few of us had our Peonies on our blogs this past week. Gosh, they are so beautiful, but they bloom and die so quick that we really only get to enjoy them for about two weeks. Then there is 11 1/2 months of green tall bush to stare at. My hubby took all the beauty shots we need and posted them on his blog.

Meanwhile, two big rainstorms and we might not even get the two week viewing. Magnus and I are both sad to see that the flowers have already toppled.
(I know, HE IS SO CUTE!!!)