Wednesday, June 09, 2010

What A Pig!

Mornings around here start at 5:30am. You would think I was a farmer...but no. It's the first of many trips outdoors with the puppy. He's settling in though. He allows us to sleep about 6 consecutive hours a night now....quite good!

It will be rainy day today. Although I had lots of outdoor chores I have decided to work on my button magnets instead. My magnet board at the Blue Banana is running low, so I need to restock this week. I am going to try selling some fabric button magnets. I am not sure how they will do, but these pigs sure are cute!

What can I say about these kitties? I think they will do well as a one inch magnet.

These 1 1/2 inch buttons have an attachment option. I am going to add a dangle before adding the magnet. This 50's gal is so surprised...maybe I'll add a word tag to emphasize her expression.

Meanwhile, as I work through the sunrise, Mr. Magnus has already gone back to sleep. Have a nice day friends!


  1. What great buttons and what a cure dog!!!

  2. You are amazingly prolific with many delights.