Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Window Shopping

I waited until I saw someone go into this tiny store so I could snap this photo. The proprieties seems like the "no photo" type, so I thought I would avoid the confrontation.

Look how how full the window is! I might go in tomorrow to see how much those silhouettes are in the very back. The shop is right across the street from my apartment.

Isn't this backdrop wonderful! I didn't even notice the clothes in front of it. This is from shopping tonight at the big department stores. Most of the windows are full of sale signage, so there aren't too many images to collect. But, I finally did it. I got to be a part of the great Paris post-Christmas sales. Markdowns are on everything. Even a number of stores are full out 50% off. If I lived here I would save all my money to shop now. And I guess that's what lots of people do because it is very busy everywhere. The weather is finally settling to something close to normal. I didn't have to wear my mitts at all today. Tomorrow I plan to really get a good walk in since it is my last full day here.