Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reason One Million For Loving Paris

I have not written much about the cute little apartment I am staying in. It is perfect for a couple or in my case one person. It is two stories. That sounds grand I know, but the main floor is a kitchen with a small living room and then there is a set of stairs to the bedroom in the loft. It is very quiet too. Double glazed windows means it seems like the cone of silence falls over me once I step into the space.
Right downstairs is this very nice restaurant. And it is the reason for my post. I really like the black walls. One day I hope to paint the outside of a building shiny black.

But it is the detail that makes me swoon.
You would have to be walking close by to see these stunning inlaid panels. I can't imagine too many store owners at home spending $ to decorate the outside of the building. We all think the same...it will get stolen or vandalized. Here in Paris, you see decorative touches everywhere. It is why I can walk for miles and miles and never get bored.