Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Tapestry Cord Necklace Collaboration

I have set up several hand sewing jewelry projects on my lap desk this winter.  
I am starting to finally complete pieces which I can share.

Last year I started experimenting with John Bead's latest collection; Global Chic.
If I had the opportunity I think I could just play with these components full time for a month.

I am crazy for these tapestry cords that our Creative Director Fernando DaSilva chose for the line.
I think they are the most unique stringing material that I have come across in a long while.
If you do not know about this cord it is described as "colorful woven cotton threads wrapped around a cotton core.  The cord is incredibly flexible and can be  combined with any type of craft wire, chain or other stringing materials.  Its soft core allows memory wire or eye pins to pass through it in order to create bracelets or linked sections. It measures approximately 6mm in diameter."

I gave this colour cord to Nancy Donaldson who twisted, knotted and shaped the necklace for me.
It looked beautiful unadorned...but I had to add one of my own beaded components.

I feel like my brooch is now properly framed and showcased!