Friday, March 11, 2016

African Fabrics - Works of Fiber Art

This necklace took well over six months to finish.
Last spring I immersed myself into the world of African fabrics.
I fell head over heels in love with the traditional African Wax Prints and discovered that these are carefully and artfully created in Holland.  
This relationship between Holland and Africa is a very old one.  I was so surprised to only be discovering this news in 2015.  So much of the wax printing technique is done by hand...and I am sure the process is kept a secret for many good reasons.  So I started to research this fabric, and where to get it, and had to pack it all up when we made a decision to move to an entirely new town.

Slowly but surely, I have found everything I had to set aside for a few months.

I tracked down several collections last summer.  I purchased either a sample piece or a half meter when I could.  The gold detailing is superb on the buttons I made.

Of course, I am going to turn this fabric into jewelry.

I have so many ideas!

John Bead's Global Chic tapestry is the ideal cording to showcase it!

This is my lap desk so I could attach all my components with needle and thread.