Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Powertex and Jewelry Resin - Part Two The Collar

Here is the first of two projects I created so that I could show off my new Powertex bezels.
 Yesterday's blog told you how I made these two interesting pieces with Powertex and Jewelry Resin.
 I gathered some felt and wool roving.  
I hand felted the first round of fibers.
 My collar was starting to come together.  
Hand felting is for me a temporary fix.
 When I really want my felt to be secured I use my felting machine.
 After my first round of machine felting was completed I noticed this gorgeous crocheted sample I received from Nancy Donaldson.  I wondered how my bezel might look nestled into this.
 Of course, I just loved it.  My felted collar colours however no longer worked for me.  So I pulled out green sari ribbons and more felt.  I did some additional sewing and felting.
 Now it definitely looked better, but I felt that I needed to bring out the pink in my bezel more.
 I sewed on bright pink sari yarn and was very happy.
 My final step was to hand-sew some rhinestone chain and buttons to the collar.
 The pink totally changed my collar!
 Here is the back of the collar.
The front is soft and gorgeous!


  1. Those bezels are beautiful. It must be difficult to find something to fill them that wikk not be upstaged by the frame. Lovely work, Carmi.

  2. Eileen, I do appreciate your comments! Thank you!