Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vintage Glass Jewelry

 Nothing is more exciting than an unexpected jewelry find.
 I was just about to leave my favorite indoor market when these boxes caught my eye.  
I knew they were from Canadian stores that no longer exist.
 The jewelry was dusty and needed some attention.  
The deal was sealed when I learned that the vendor was selling her own Mom's collection.  This jewelry (and a few others I did not photograph) belonged to one collector and I wanted to keep it that way.
 Cleaned up they just sparkle.
 The pieces are 1950's.  Possibly venetian.  
The fruit and birds look like other glass beads I have seen in my research travels.
 I did think about breaking them up to restring into a new piece.
 But I don't have the heart to separate such a gorgeous design.  
I do have a little bit of repair on the clasps to take care of though.
 So glad to add them to my collection.
Now I just need someplace to wear them!


  1. To the "girls' dinner!!!!!!

  2. So glad that you're keeping them intact. They are gorgeous pieces. they are lucky to have found a home with someone like you who will love and appreciate them.

  3. I love the vintage stuff and glad you didn't break them up. Great find! WTG!