Friday, August 30, 2013

My Favorite Place To Vacation - My Backyard

There is something incredibly special about the place where I live.
My home is in Caledon, Ontario.
This really is a place people visit on vacation.  The hills that surround us offer limitless opportunities for walks and outdoor activities.  It is horse country.  It is farm country.
My backyard looks upon a corn field and so does my front door.
We moved here almost two years ago and we have been documenting the most extraordinary weather. 
We have had two "storms of the decade" this year.  
One storm with flooding that I have never experienced before and a second with tornado warnings and awful wind gusts.  I think because our view is so unobstructed we can really see mother nature in action. 

My necklace features a pendant I made with one of the photos from the storm in July.
This sentiment is becoming my motto.
My piece salutes the  The Challenge of Travel - Staycation Edition blog hop that Erin Prais-Hintz organized with over 50 bloggers.
The Challenge goes like this... investigate something special about your own hometown. Go for a walk, sample some new cuisine, talk to the locals and see what they love about where you live. Then make something creative to showcase what you have discovered.   I chose to share with you some of the wonderful photos my husband and I have taken on our own property.  
The clouds in Caledon seem to touch the ground.
Sunsets and sunrises appear to be staged for a movie.  The show is daily.
Lightening really does strike twice...often.
The moon over Caledon is big and bright.  Some days it chooses to spend part of the day with us.
Even the fog creates a misty effect Hollywood would kill for.
The snow drifts are deep and actually remain white for the season.
Perhaps the best part of living in Caledon?
If you look south on a beautiful clear morning you can still see Toronto.
If I have learned anything about my home it is this;
The storm will pass.
I live here.  
Paradise is my backyard.

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