Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Left Alone With a Tub of Bling

In yesterday's blog post I showed you some of the great women and rings that were made at CropFest over the weekend.
I mentioned that Westcott, who invited me to the event, 
had left a very large tub of bling under the table where I was doing the Tarn demonstration.   
Why is it that someone else's bling is always more interesting than your own?
 Whenever I had a moment I played with some new ideas.
 I found this cute flower button on the floor!  I am sure it was left over from the night before.  It made me realize that there was a new way to twist a ring.
 I used yellow TARN and made a ring like I usually do,
 The difference was that the button now becomes the focal point!
 How cute is this?
 Here are a few other samples inspired by the tub of bling!
 I love that eyeball-like bead!

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