Friday, August 10, 2012

The Pin Cushion Comeback!

I'm back.
With another pincushion project people!  
And they turned out amazing!
1.  This time I started with a french book featuring the cutest little pincushion. (Suze Weinberg is now laughing and wondering why I don't just stop buying such books....)
2.  My failed hexagon pincushion now rests on my table.  It is egging me on to try again.
3.  The vintage burlap I bought and "just knew I would need some day" finally came out of storage.
4.  My new Klimt inspired fabric will surely give me extra powers.
 Even though the burlap was hard to work with, the original had a burlap-like bottom and I wanted to make one as close to the original as possible.  I sewed up these little hamburger like circles and stuffed them.  Once again, my friend Nancy was ready to assist.
 The genius of simple stitching!  The thread creates the flower shape.  
I made the buttons with the fabric leftovers!
 Are they or are they not adorable!!
 And, instead of hours and hours of hand stitching I was able to whip these up on my sewing machine in under 5 minutes.  Add in some stuffing and stitching time and you have a pincushion in 30 minutes!
I am now the pin cushion queen!


  1. i love mine!! thanks!

  2. Much better than bloody hexies!
    Very cute!

  3. Again, how many pin cushions do you need? :) But, I do agree that they look great!

  4. I love it! It turned out just great!

  5. I didn't agree that you needed redemption for the hexie pincushion.

    However, I do agree that these are adorable. So surprised that the burlap bottom adds so much to the design!