Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Hexagon Curse

 This is the WORST project I ever started.  Truly, I was cursed by the hexagon gods!
 It started out like it usually does.  
I saw the cutest pincushion on the cover of Making magazine.  The story and instructions inside were great.  
"This simple pincushion design, made up of two hexagon rosettes, has been a starter project for generations of hand stitchers."
That sounded great.  I love hand stitching!  I want to do old school vintage projects too!
 I started a board on pinterest with hexagon projects that were pretty.  
I was starting to think that the hexagon might be my next thing....
 Of course I researched tools....
no reason to cut hexagons manually if there is a tool that does a better job...and there is! 
 The Go Baby is a wonderful addition to the sewing room!
 All I needed was some time and some paper templates.  Each hexagon in the rosette needs to be hand sewn into a finished piece before it can be attached to another hexagon.
 And that's when the CURSING began.
Are these hexagon people insane?  Do you have any idea how long it takes to make a folded edge hexagon?  One rosette takes hours......sweet mother of pearl there are people out there making enough rosettes for a queen sized have to make them all by hand.....there is no mathematical way to do this on your sewing machine!
 Cursing and stitching.  I was not adding very good karma into this pin cushion.  
My hubby and dog had to leave the room.
 I disliked my stitching so I let my Janome add some decorative embellishment with a stitch I selected.  Those pretty pink flowers are the highlight of this pincushion.
I hand-sewed the two rosettes together, stuffed it and closed it.  Not sure why I do not have square edges...but my pin cushion was done.  
That's the end of hexagons for me.
Maybe if I try again in a happier mood it will turn out better!
 So, the next day, humming and sewing along to a few TV shows 
I made a second hexagon pin cushion.  I know, I know...why?  Even
my hubby said he couldn't wait for this pincushion project to end.....
 Cutting all the temporary stitches is the worst part of the projects.
 Two different sides.  Okay, better, but still not squared edges.
Hexagons and me are going to need to take a break.
It's not's me.


  1. all that work for a pincushon!!!
    OMG!! i would never have started this project in fear that i might go mad !!

  2. Wow good for you for not letting those dang Hexagons beat you into submission! LOL

  3. OMG, that's why I only do half Hexagon blocks. Debbie

  4. I am thinking I might build in a seam allowance flap of some kind. I will be playing with this over the weekend!

  5. So much work! But they are really cool. :)

  6. But they look so cute in the pictures ...

    Carmi, I never heard you rant before. You do it amazingly well. "Sweet mother of pearl."

    I won't be trying hexagons anytime. I had enough trouble with circles!