Saturday, July 21, 2012

Washi Tape Art

 This art has been made with Washi Tape!  Isn't it lovely?
 Love My Tapes has so many to choose from.  I am so glad I saw this booth at CHA this week.
I am sure some of my crafty bloggers will love this link!

Crafty Princess Diaries 
The princess turns into Victor Frankenstein as she stitches together more toys.
Eileen - The Artful Crafter
Eileen has some tips on how to avoid lead components when planning a children's beading party.
Resin Crafts! 
Carmi has a great post explaining how resin can be also a great glue and glaze!
Cherie Burbach: Love and the Spirit of God
Cherie creates a new mixed media picture.
Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at our crafty world
This week at Craftside there are some fun photos of yarn bombed cairns, drawing in sand, salt and sugar ideas and tutorials on how to draw the cubs from the Pixar movie Brave and a how to make gum paste or fondant picks from the book The Complete Photo Guide to Cake Decorating.

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