Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ruby Violet by Prima Marketing

 This necklace was so easy and fun to make!  I have been wanting to finish it ever since I got back from the Craft and Hobby (CHA) show last month.
 Ruby Violet by Prima Marketing is definitely one of my favorite "must see" exhibits at CHA.
 Everywhere you look is eye candy.
 You just have to reach out and touch it all!
 I got my hands on one Ruby Violet Necklace kit.  You can see all the components here and the package gives you suggestions for two different ways you might make up the necklace.
 You could make a necklace without a single tool just by using simple brad attachments.  I have a jewelry studio, so of course, I opted to add a little more to my final piece.  I brought out one of the kumihimo braids I have been making for John Bead.  The colours in the braid were an excellent match for my new necklace.
 I also made a small ball of two-part apoxy clay to attach my findings.
 The clay allowed me to attach a component anywhere.
 I also built up my flowers.
 When the clay cured I painted it gold.
 I noticed one tiny opening at the top, so I put a bird on it too.
There are so many Ruby Violet kits to choose from that I don't know what to pick next.  Perhaps a cuff.  Or maybe I'll decorate a purse....or I could do a scrapbook page........


  1. Love these components, they're fabulous!

    Also love what you did with them, Ms. Carmi.


  2. Luv ya Carmi! I love what you did with Ruby!