Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Claudine Hellmuth Necklace!

 It is good to be posting after a long weekend!  I spent a portion of my time working on some really fun jewelry.  I hope you like this piece which was inspired by a 1 inch by 12 inch strip of rub on's found in Claudine's new Rub On and Vinyl Crafts kit.

 This has to be one of the sweetest kit ever produced!
 I love when Claudine draws houses.  I want to move right in.  
In the kit there are three rows of houses to choose from.
 I rubbed the light blue houses onto these very thin flat beads.  I selected houses that would fit and I actually placed an image on both sides of the bead.
I was so happy with the results!
 In order to ensure that the images would stay adhered permanently I brushed on a glaze of Envirotex Lite Jewelry Resin.  Some of you may know I am the author of Resin Crafts Blog as resin is my favorite medium!
 I had an idea for my necklace and started puling out some beads that would look nice together.
And then I called in THE FINISHER.  Nancy is my one friend who I will allow to help me.  I really have no choice.  She monitors my stress level and when she notices I am going a little crazy...she just comes over.  And she finishes all my "works in progress."  Yes, I know.  I am lucky to have "a Nancy."  I am not telling you where she lives for fear you might borrow her!  She is the fresh eyes who can see what I want to achieve and then just makes it happen. 
She can model the finished pieces too!
So there you have it.  Claudine Hellmuth rub ons to super beads!


  1. Omg!!! This is so crazy cute!!!! I can't stand it!!!

  2. Oh my, where did you get those beads??? the large flat ones?

  3. rtyllion17-21it was my pleasure to help!!!
    you know i am all about the "doing" , and it is so much fun to work with someone elses materials.
    now if i can just get a tierra with my title on it...........
    and perhaps a bird !!!

  4. I never even thought about rub on's on beads. I have some big flat mother of pearl ones also that I would love to try this technique with or maybe some bamboo. Love yours.

    I wish I had a Nancy ..... I have a ton of unfinished projects from art to jewelry she could help me with. lol

  5. I need Nancy to come to my place! I have lots of finishing that needs to be done! And lots of starting too!!

  6. Only Carmi can take a "cute" Claudine rub-on and make it into something stunning....

  7. Those beads look so very special ... and to learn they are quite easy to make. I'm really jazzed!

    The whole necklace design is lovely too.

    Boy, I wish I had a Nancy. What a great team you make.