Thursday, December 08, 2011

December Birthday Wishes

 This is my special post for The Crafters's Companion blog this week.
I don't know about you but I have lots of December birthday greetings to send.  I think December babies get a little lost in the holiday I always make sure to send friends celebrating a birthday this month both a birthday and a Christmas card.  These two cards feature fabulous art I downloaded from my Popcorn the Bear Birthday CD.
 I really need you to see these cards lying down.  They are really three dimensional.
 This is what my computer screen looked like when I was browsing through the Popcorn CD.  These two sheets are favorites.  I love the bright colours.
 One of the cards I made is a classic pyrimage and the second is a pyrimage twister.  I like to build these 3D images up with dimensional glue.
 One card is a gate fold which I made in seconds on my Ultimate (no measuring required)!
 The twister card needs a little extra thought as you build up the layers.  By using glue I have the opportunity to move things into place like I did with layer two...which was askew....
 The classic pyrimage turned out beautiful!  I glued some real ribbons over the printed ones to add one more layer.
December are on there way!


  1. How sweet, Carmi. What dimensional glue do you use? Fabric glue.

    I wish someone would send me that classic pyrimage one (I learned a new word today!).

    My birthday’s Christmas Eve.

  2. Carmi,

    My birthday present from you arrived!

    I can't believe you went to all that trouble because I said how much I liked the pyrimage card.

    It didn't get squished at all on its 2300+ mile trip and is (of course) even lovelier in 3D than in the photos.

    I know just what I'll do with it. My sister's birthday is in late October. That means I get to admire it for the next 10 months ;-)

  3. I am so happy it arrived intact!
    Yeah to finding it a worthy home!