Friday, July 03, 2015

Crazy Cuff Fifteen - More Vintage Paris Brocade Ribbon

My latest project took a little longer than some of my other crazy cuffs.
I think because the beads I was working with were so vivid and a pleasure to see.
The color choices were influenced by the original brocade ribbon I started with.  Very little was visible by the time I was done beading.
This cuff features some spun art yarn.

I also added some plastic crystal banding along with traditional rhinestone trim.
The beading on the edge was several nights of TV time.
It has some weight to it!  I added just about every type of bead in my stash.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Over The Top Statement Necklace #3 In Series

This new necklaces features so many components, from so many different trips, that I am just filled with memories.
 It was one of the most interesting designs to sit on a beading board in my studio.  I have always loved yellow but found it difficult to create a design featuring it.
 The inspiration for this necklace is the "over the top glass electroplated and enameled pendant" designed by Dee Perry.  This is my third project featuring her work.  I met Dee and picked up these pieces at the Bead and Button show earlier this month.  I made a promise to myself that I would use each purchase in a necklace by the end of the month.
I chose to hang the pendant with the flowers down allowing me to select a heart to dangle from it.
If there ever was a necklace to attach to this fabulous quote and illustration by Maritza Lugo this would surely be it.  The necklace is on the heavy side!

If You Would Like to See More
You will find the first statement necklace here.
The second statement necklace is posted here.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Heart Stamps From France - Le Coeur est le timbres

It took a long time to backtrack and get some of the earlier years
but I finally have the complete collection of heart stamps issued in France annually.
I make it a regular event to buy my sheet at the post office in the Louvre.

Each year the designer selected has made a unique illustration.  I think the 2013 issue by Hermes is my favorite.


Monday, June 15, 2015

Over The Top Statement Necklace #2 In Series

The statement necklaces post Bead and Button Show 2015 continue to be crafted in the studio.
This heart necklace is really an important piece for me right now.
Made of glass, it is fragile but it can surely withstand a great deal.
The inspiration for this necklace is the "over the top glass electroplated and enameled pendant" designed by Dee Perry.  This is my second project featuring her pieces.
The copper, yellow and greens are so gorgeous together.

You will find the first statement necklace here.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Over The Top Statement Necklace #1 In Series

I am so pleased that I managed to use some of the wonderful items I purchased last week at the Bead and Button show to create this choker.  It is amazing how many years I have bought spectacular things only to find myself back at the show not having used one thing I purchased the year previous
Not this year!
This necklace was years in the making.
First, as I reported in my last blog post, this is the "over the top glass electroplated and enameled component" designed by Dee Perry.
My pendant I made in a workshop taught by Richard Salley.  I imagine a lot of you will recognize his design style.  The class was excellent and I have never figured out how to show off this piece.
(Inside is a secret resin filled homage to Napoleon.)
This is one of FOUR necklaces I will make with Dee's hand crafted designs as the focal point and inspiration for the finished design.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

The Fabulous Designer Components by Dee Perry!

Meet Dee Perry.
I asked her to be my new best friend after spending time with her at the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee this week.
When I saw Dee's booth I did not pay any attention to anything but the small eclectic collection of glass electroplated and enameled components featured in two small trays on her side table.
(you can see the two white trays just by her elbow in the picture)
These two glass components were my first exposure to Dee's work.
I was totally smitten!  I wanted every piece in the tray and managed to stop with just these two beads which are about six inches long.  Bead is really not the right word.  I am sure this is a better descriptor for these.
I have never seen anything like them.  Unique, one a kind and very time consuming to craft.
I am crazy for the copper.
Then Dee asked if I had seen the pendants at the front of the booth.
Sweet Mother of Pearl.
How many could I take home?
This piece is stunning.
I have plans and more plans to show it off.
I bought my pieces on Thursday night, which is known as the special preview shopping night.
This is a consumer's opportunity to get a first look at designer new pieces and you can buy them first too!  It was not until I came back to chat the next day that I realized Dee's booth was not about her personal work.  She creates and wholesales the most spectacular collection of designer clasps -  
She owns Bead Need, the oldest bead store in Fort Lauderdale -
I have got to get to Florida to watch this woman work!