Friday, December 19, 2014

Ugly Sweater Christmas Resin Necklace

This is my version of the ugly Christmas sweater.  If I worked in an office I would have happily worn this with some crazy over the top sweater.

The necklace was created because of this gorgeous Christmas card by Turnovsky.
I love these cards and always try and recycle the artwork into something else.
I don't sell my jewelry, so this is simply something fun for me.

Before you pour resin over paper you need to seal it several times.  You can see here that I used a clear drying decoupage medium.  Once my paper was sealed, I poured in resin.  No additional glitter or embellishments were needed because these cards are already foiled and embossed.

My final set of bezels are just what I wanted!

A few hours of fun stringing later, I had my over the top ugly sweater necklace.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Do You Love Resin?

I have organized a special resin showcase for the last two years.
Gathering artists who work with resin or resin clay is my favorite collaborative project to coordinate.
This fall I organized the KLIK project.  
You can see the completely different projects that were submitted by all the artists who participated.

In 2013 I coordinated the "Resin Time is Anytime" project.
These projects were all so unique and different too.

So I am running a third one for 2015!

Do you love resin?

If you do and would like to submit a project which I will photograph and feature on my blog and pinterest please join me in my latest resin collaboration.

"For the love of Resin"

I will sent you two heart shaped bezels.  
One to keep and one to work in and return to me as your finished project.

The Deadline for returning your project will be January 15th.  
I live in Canada, so you will be mailing your project back to me here. 

You can use any resin or resin clay you like.  
The only rule is that you return your finished artwork by the deadline.  
I'll be responsible for photographing and uploading all the submissions.

Would you like to join the fun?  Beginners are welcomed and encouraged!

Send me an email with your mailing address and two bezels will be coming to you via the postman soon.

Carmi Cimicata


Thursday, December 04, 2014

Crafter's Companion Father Christmas Art to Cards

There are a few very special cards going into the mail today!

They feature some resin filled bezels with some spectacular Christmas imagery.

The Raymond Briggs Father Christmas story has been my all time favorite.  I have loved these books for over 40+ years and can tell you I read them to my younger brother at least 100 times when he was a child.  This first book brings back wonderful childhood memories.

 So, you might imagine the SQUEAL of JOY that I released when Crafter's Companion UK got the rights to turn this artwork into card making products.  

Their CD roms always have the most unique and wonderful card making components.  You simply press print and you can cut and build a gorgeous card.  There are rubber stamp sets to do even more.  Or, you can purchase the pre-printed card kits as well.

For my resin filled bezels, I did a little work in Photoshop so my favorite scenes could be shrunk to bezel size artwork.

 I also made some bezels with their pre-printed papers.

If you read the books, you'll know these scenes are famous!

Isn't this collection gorgeous!
I did so little to make them.  Just double sided tape and sewed on my bezels.

Wishing everyone a 

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Broken Plate Pendants With Apoxie Clay

I have another craft to add to my very long list of hobbies.
It turns out I have a secret desire to do some mosaic work.
To make that possible, I am experimenting with a glass cutter.

Is there anything more exciting than up cycling a broken plate or vase?  
I took some broken plate pieces and made a set of pendants.
 I used Aves Apoxie Clay to glue in my plate portions.  I wanted the look you normally get when you grout tiles.  Then I simply pressed in my plate pieces into the bezels.  The clay air cures overnight.
 A surface dusting of Pearl-Ex is the reason why my pendant grout looks a little sparkly.
I always allow my Pearl-Ex to cure on the clay surface overnight.  Then simply brush away the excess powder, it will only cling to the clay.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Elizabethan Inspired Pearl Tiered Necklace

The “Elizabethan Inspired Pearl Tiered Necklace” is featured in the winter issue of Perles et Cetera magazine as a four page step by step project.  This is the english translation.
Elizabethan Inspired Pearl Tiered Necklace by Carmi Cimicata for John Bead
If you have ever studied more than one painting of the Elizabeth the 1st, you would have to take note of the many pearls that she wore throughout her hair, clothing and on her personal items.  She literally had hundreds of pearls on her person.  She was a Queen known for her love of clothing and it is documented that she had over 2000 gowns created.
Pearls were widely available in Elizabethan times and I am certain Queen Elizabeth kept the pearl collecting and stringing industries busy.  If a queen wears pearls, so will all the members of her court along with anyone wanting to appear well dressed in her company.
Elizabeth’s designers would have used real pearls.  Seeing so many draped in row upon row of strands reminds me that many of the current statement necklaces have been inspired by jewelry designs over 200 years old.  Imagine if Elizabeth would have had access to the new glass and coloured pearls?  Would she have incorporated the neons, pastels or other colour palettes into her clothing?  I believe she would have.  She had many unusual and one of a kind dresses made.  These would have been assembled and worn for one-time only special events.  Surely a bright yellow pearl necklace would have been desired?
I decided to create a necklace for her featuring Dazzle-it Vintage Pink glass pearls.   Glass being much more affordable, I knew I could design a necklace with many draped strands without fear of going over budget.  I also created my own resin filled bezel pendant featuring Elizabeth the 1st as a focal point for my necklace.
My necklace features pearls, rhinestone beads and a resin filled bezel I designed featuring a portrait to Queen Elizabeth 1st.
A google search of Queen Elizabeth shows us many paintings and portraits along with some portraits of her mother Anne Boleyn.  This painting enlarged here is a favorite and features so many pearls.
I printed and cut out a copy of the painting and placed it into my bezel.  I covered the image with resin.

When my bezel was ready I gathered all my supplies for this project.  The vintage pink pearls look so wonderful gathered in a group.  I worked with three sizes of pearls along with three sizes of rhinestone beads.
The back of my Instant Glam bezel has two attachments.  I strung my pearls through these opening.

It took some time to string all my different strands.  I used a beading board to help me choose where to place the rhinestone beads.
With five strands to link, I was careful to use a thicker jump ring to attach my pearls to my clasps.
This is a simple stringing project, but the pearls and beads create a stunning result.  I am quite certain I will feel like royalty when I wear my necklace! 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

How To Make a Bead Encrusted Resin Pendant By Accident

 This necklace photo can be found on my computer in a file called "Resin Disasters."
Over the one million times I have lectured people about resin,
 one of the points I always emphasize is this:
"When you pour and mix a batch of resin, 
you should be ready to use it and you should be focused."
Don't answer the phone, don't get distracted by children yada yada.  

So you can imagine what a dunce I felt like earlier this month, when I made a batch, went to do something else and remembered the resin I mixed almost an hour later.  

How I hate to waste resin!

 So I attempted to pull it out of the mixing cup, breaking my popsicle stick in the process.
At this point, it should have all gone into the trash.
 Undeterred, I made one last ditch attempt to save the resin.
I dumped a stash of beads on it.
Can you believe how great this looks?
I painted my exposed popsicle stick and drilled a hole, so I could string it onto a necklace.

The disaster pendant might just be a new favorite technique!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Resin Filled Pendants and Bottlecaps

 Today, being a Monday, is one in which I appreciate my coffee.
 These fun resin filled items are quick to make and feature sized to fit one inch circle art from
Lisa'a Altered Art.  
Simply punch out the art you love, seal it into your bezel and then cover with resin!