Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cigarettes, Art and Inspired Links

 While visiting Bethlehem, PA last month I was so happy to spot this Art-o-mat machine.
Given the opportunity, I would happily fill such a dispenser with my own art.
 Refurbished cigarette machines are now dispensing art.
I love this idea.  We purchased two tokens at $5 each and had a tough time deciding which knob to pull.
 Sized exactly like an old pack of cigarettes, your art then appears.
 The first pack had this sweet painting.
 The second had this wire and beaded pin.
I was happy with both!

I also have some great links to share with you today.

Bears, Bunnies, and Birds!
Enjoy some cute amigurumi goodness with episode 8 of Crafty Princess Diaries Podcast.
Use these cute clothespins as place cards for the kids at Thanksgiving dinner or clip them to gift cards or a few photos of each child. After Thanksgiving, the kids can use them to post their artwork on a magnet board or refrigerator or just hold papers together.
The Happy Flappers Necklace with Fabric by Kelly Panacci features a new fabric line!
Cyndi starts a two-part series on how to make some beautiful pleated shibori silk ribbon flowers!
You’ve heard of sampler quilts and even a candy sampler, how about a Swarovski pearl sampler? Lisa was so taken with her sampler bead strand, she made it into a bracelet.
Pigment inks are the most common media for art stamping, but there are others. Eileen experiments with acrylic paint stamping as she starts designing her Christmas cards.
Cyndi made some really fun new double-wrapped bracelets using Offray ribbon. Come see how it’s done!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Japanese Paper Flowers With Westcott Shredder Scissors

 This bouquet of paper flowers will add some extra colour to my studio on a day where the outdoors is completely white with snow.
 Westcott has special new scissor for anyone concerned about throwing important paperwork into the trash.  These paper shredders will turn any of your bank statements, bills ect into shredded piles of paper.  Of course, you can do more than shred paper.

 Anyone who has ever made paper flowers knows how long it takes to cut single slots into a folded piece of paper.  I decided to test the shredders on some of my Japanese papers.
 Thicker paper like this cuts beautifully.  
I don't think I could have done this with a single blade scissor.  
My patience for cutting so many strips isn't great.
 The width of the paper you cut with the shredders will determine how long the flower petals will be.
 Also, it is also a good idea to use paper like this one, which has colour on the back side.  
These flowers look the prettiest.
 I taped my flower to a wood dowel.  I did not have that green florist tape which would have made these stems green.  Instead, I taped my flower in place and spray painted the dowels gold.
 Looking at them at this point I thought they were pretty, 
but I wanted them to be even better.
 I decided to hot glue a button centre to each flower. 
Now I LOVE THE bouquet!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Crazy Cuff Thirteen - With A Bit of Fur

 This embellished cuff is lucky number thirteen.  
I can't believe I have made 13 of these cuffs since June, just by spending a little time beading whenever I am watching TV.
 This cuff started when I pulled out this hot green and pink ribbon I purchased in Paris earlier this year.
 I ended up adding it to some pink brocade and this border of gold fur ribbon.
 These two sequined vintage bears were in a grab bag I picked up at an antique market.  I have been wanting to repair and sew them to something for a while.
 By the time I added all my beads and components, it is hard to see the original ribbons.
 The bears are secure and ready to be admired again.
I love the cuff from the front and the back!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Happy Flappers Necklace with Fabric by Kelly Panacci

I am starting this post with my finished design.
This necklace was inspired by a new line of fabric by Kelly Panacci.
I just love all the colours and creatures!
This blog post is also a cautionary tale.
It could just have easily been titled: 
"The Day Kelly Panacci Got Mugged at a CHA Canada Designers meeting."  
The picture above shows me at our meeting and Kelly is just to my right.
Hmmm.  Now that I look, it does seem like she moved away a little.

I have not spent any time with Kelly.  As a fellow Canadian designer I marveled how strange it was that we had never truly met and chatted.  When I heard she was willing to drive several hours to attend our meeting I was so pleased.  I have used so many of her products over the years that I guess I thought I knew her without an actual introduction.
 And then the incident occurred.
As our meeting was wrapping up, I CASUALLY asked Kelly what her current big projects were.
(I already know designer Roberta Birnbaum and Nancy Donaldson are saying that I am downplaying the conversation.)

So, I casually said "what is currently keeping you busy?"
And out from Kelly's bag came this collection of fabric she was just releasing with Riley Blake Designs.
"How exciting" I say.  "Is your name on the selvage?"
Isn't that just wonderful I say....
as I make no move to return the fabric stash to her.  
Even as the other girls gathered around...all I could think was MINE, MINE, MINE.
She really had no options.  
Eventually she said 
"well, if you think there is something you would like to do with the fabric...you can keep the collection."
Tsk, tsk is all I heard being murmured in the background.
 So to make amends, I planned to make something truly spectacular to surprise Kelly.  
I took a small section of several of the pieces and made yo yos.
 I sewed some extra buttons to them.
 Then I made some fabric wrapped metal buttons and glued some embellishments to them.
 My individual pieces were looking great, but I wanted more.
 Out came the beads!  I work for John Bead people.  
Of course there would be beading!
 Awww.  Even I thought these owls look fabulous beaded.
 Then I built my necklace with metal filigree, hand sewing and some extra beading.
 When fabric is this good, it can be showcased.
Hopefully my reputation has been restored.
I do good things with good products!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Crafty and Bead Inspired Links


Decoupage has really come along way with the addition of new tissue papers…check out this hot pink, cheetah pattern reindeer head.

You’ve heard of sampler quilts and even a candy sampler, how about a Swarovski pearl sampler? Lisa was so taken with her sampler bead strand, she made it into a bracelet.

Pigment inks are the most common media for art stamping, but there are others. Eileen experiments with acrylic paint stamping as she starts designing her Christmas cards.

Cyndi made some really fun new double-wrapped bracelets using Offray ribbon. Come see how it’s done!

Cherie plays with some mini canvases.

Have you had a craft fail? If you have, and could laugh about it, you’ll love this new book.

October Monthly Challenge Recap of Entries.

Check out what Andrew and other participants of the Inspired by Reading Book Club made in response to “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” by Neil Gaiman.

Make cute Halloween treat baskets using Eileen’s Bat Out o’ Hell basket template and design.

Have you seen Michelle Mach’s new book, “Unexpected Findings”? It’s a lot of fun…

Cherie contemplates hope and failure with her latest print.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Mickey Mouse Glass Coaster

All of my favorite children will be in Disney World over the next week.
It reminded me that I had another great project idea.  
This coaster features a cartoon image I cut from an older Mickey Mouse book I found.  The book was not special or vintage.  It was full of some lovely printing and this scene fit my circle opening perfectly.
 Coaster molds are easy to find online.  I added resin into my mold and then carefully placed my paper cutout.
 I added mini vehicles along the edge to make it special.
 I use adhesive backed felt to line my coasters and paper weights.
All you need to do is measure and cut and your resin object is felt lined and ready to use.

Crafty Blogger Links

Is it possible to live a sparkly dream? Lisa says, YES! She’s sharing some exciting Swarovski news this week.

Color Palettes featuring the Art Beads of Margit Boehmer. Bright, Beautiful and not to be missed!

Is anyone not inspired by Max Ehrmann’s Desiderata? Eileen signed up for a postcard art Desiderata theme swap and couldn’t stop at just one.

Enjoy some amigurumi goodness in this seventh video podcast from the Crafty Princess Diaries.

Cherie uses the Bible verse from John 3:16 as inspiration for art.

A pocket watch becomes a pendant with Pebeo paints, a rub on and resin.

Cyndi has a fabulous Czech bead giveaway going on this week! All are welcome to join in!

Andrew hosts design challenges on his blog. Check out the different approaches each participant took in the reveal for the Royal Feather kit!

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Queen of The Night Resin Momento

 I have created a set of resin filled bezels to commemorate the amazing summer we had with my Dad's Queen of the Night plant.  
My original post explained how we waited years to catch this plant blooming.  
 It truly was the highlight of my summer. My Dad is already planning to expand "the one night only show" with lots of cuttings planted for next year.
While we wait another year, family and friends can enjoy photographs of this regal plant embedded in resin.  Now we all have a permanent memento.
 August 2014
August 2014