Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Necklace Featured in Perles et Cetera Spring Issue

Shiny, Glittering Chain Necklace by Carmi Cimicata For Dazzle-it and John Bead Corp.  
The current issue of Perles et Cetera features a necklace that will be perfect for spring/summer 2014.   The article is in French, so this is the English translation.

The trend I have focused on is one that Women’s Wear Daily called “The Shining.”  The shiny trend can be seen in fashion with the addition of many shimmery, glittery, light catching and metallic accents.  Many piece are reflective.  This shiny trend adds a bit of brightness to clothing, shoes and accessories.   Seeing something shiny and gleaming is what we need when we are in the midst of a long dark winter.
With SHINY in mind I was very attracted to a new type of cut chain from Dazzle-it called Neo Chain.  The chain is available in vivid and eye-catching colours and is a wonderful addition to jewelry design projects. Dazzle-it Neo Chain glitters because the cut in the chain exposes the brass beneath.  It sparkles without even trying!  
John Bead also sells a grouping of specialty-beaded chain.  These chains are often used by rosary makers and are available in virtually every colour in the rainbow.  I selected beaded chain to match my Neo chain.  Together I was able to create my choker length necklace.
The cut in the Neo chain is what gives it the glittery appearance. 
Working on a design bead board made it really simple for me to cut all the chain I would need at the right length.  Neo chain cuts very quickly with a side cutter.  The beaded chain does not require cutting.  I used a round nose plier to open and close loops for each section needed.  Once you choose your colours it takes no time at all to make this necklace!
I laid my cut pieces side by side to see how they would look once it was all connected.  I loved all the glitter from the Neo Chain. 
Neo Chain also has matching components.  Pink, purple and turquoise jump rings finished my ends beautifully.  
My last step was to simple join the three colour strands with an extra jump rings and add my matching lobster clasp.
This is truly and quick and easy project!
This shiny necklace will be perfect this spring.  Making earrings and  bracelet to match will take no time at all!  For more Neo Chain ideas you can click on this link.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Kumihimo with Sari Yarn

My new kumihimo bracelet was a fun experiment.
For over a year I have been posting kumihimo projects on my own blog and for 
Dazzle-it.com  My kumihimo disk has really been tested.  
 Over the weekend I decided to see how it might handle some strips of sari fabric and some rat tail for stability.
The braid could not be prettier.
I will continue to experiment with different fibers in my disk.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Busy Maker Weekend

 I finished my two special projects this weekend.  The "how-to" is on Resin Crafts blog.

Here are this weeks bead and craft blogger links!

Wishing for spring brings on a little bit of inspiration involving spring flowers!
There’s a NEW metal clay in town! White CopprClay! Andrew shares his experiences working with the latest innovation in this versatile medium.

This is part one of a three part post which focuses on containing resin in a flat wire wall.

I wanted to share this special blog hop I coordinated with 12 different designers. All their projects are so unique and different! They received Neo Chain from Dazzle-it to play with.

Three blue-speckled eggs nestled in a wire-wrapped charm make a great focal charm. This bracelet features three nests. Click for directions. There are matching earrings as well.

Review by jean and GIVEAWAY as well of the stunning book, 1000 BEADS, Kristina Logan, Juror ! see Jean’s blog!

The weaving technique that Cyndi used in an art quilt was successful enough for her to try it again…and see if she can get it right this time!

Cyndi hasn’t played much with chain maille, but after making this easy pair of earrings, she might have to change her ways! Here’s the tutorial

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Craft and Bead Blogger links!

Special occasion jewelry can also provide comfort. Lisa created a colorful and sparkly bracelet to focus on while flying!

Celebrate Art Bead Scene’s 7th Birthday with are mahooooosive giveaway!!!

To celebrate National Craft Month, Fusion Beads is hosting a month-long challenge! Get an overview of what Andrew has made for the first fifteen days! (And play along if you’re game!

With a week of posts featuring Nunn Design new components it was hard to choose a favorite, but this pearl filled bezel does stand out.

With my collection of vintage linens finally sorted and displayed I made some time to make a new necklace featuring the embroidery from one tablecloth.

Cherie shares some Peep bunnies she made out of felt.

The instant Eileen saw this graffitied wall in the old city of Cartagena, she said to her husband, “I could make a scrapbook paper of that!” Then she snapped away.

June is celebrating the arrival of spring by giving away a bouquet of flowers!

Here’s a quick, easy, and useful project you can do with your scrap papers…scrap magnets!

Cyndi has had the chance to play with some new products from Fire Mountain Gems, and she came up with a crazy little pair of brightly colored mixed media earrings for the spring!

Jean writes about the 8th Bead Soup Blog Party hosted by Lori Anderson and what she received from her super wonderful partner Jen Purple–wow!!!

The Humble Beginnings of bb Blanc The Bear

This is one of my hubby's current projects.  
The video is adorable and right now BB Bear is appearing in a comic book and as a plush toy!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Vintage Advertising - 1964 TCA AD


When a husband travels...she knows how important business trips are in the career of a dynamic young man like her husband.  So she makes good use of the time he's away for her own feminine pursuits.  A few friends for tea, important shopping, a fashion or art show.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Vintage Tablecloth to Necklace

This is my welcome spring necklace!
I really need some floral inspiration right now.  I am still surrounded by mountains of snow and a grey sky.
This is the gorgeous piece of linen I am recycling into wearable art.  I cut around the stains and save as much of the hand embroidery as possible.
On the weekend I finally organized all my vintage linens into one area.  I can enjoy my collection everyday now, and not just when I open the box they used to be stored in.
I will really enjoy wearing this necklace!