Saturday, June 17, 2017

Craftivism With Simple Safety Pins

It doesn't take much to make a statement.
It also doesn't take much to show support or encouragement.

I believe that I can send a message to anyone who might need it 
by the simple action of wearing a pin on my jacket.

Safety pins have a long association with various movements.
They are an inexpensive way to show involvement in a cause 
or show a wish for a cure for a major health issue.

Since the last American election, safety pins without embellishment have been a way to signal to others that you will support them if they are harassed, that you will sit with them on a subway or that you will stand up to bullies.

I do understand that many people think safety pins are not enough.  
That people may wear them without understanding their real meaning or that this is too small a gesture.

I only make them for myself.  

I will stand up for the underdog.
I will not let you harass someone because you do not like their clothing.
I do support human rights for everyone.
I will document and share with police anything I see that is criminal.

My pin is a visual warning that I am watching.
I also hope my pins give people a little hope.

I usually have a pin of some sort on all my jackets.
You can find them in many different sizes.  
The best place to locate them is in sewing/fabric stores.
These can go by the name of skirt pins or kilt pins.

Kids have been crafting with safety pins and beads forever.
They are a classic summer camp project.
Adding beads can be quick or slow depending on the size of the bead and the pattern desired.

Here is one of my pins.

I like them jumbled together too.

Pins are great for special events and I see lots of people wearing them during marathons and fundraisers.

I hope you make a pin than is meaningful for you.

This month is all about PRIDE so I'll wear my pin to show my support this month.

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