Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Pin Repost

 Somewhere in my closet is a Halloween sweater. When I used to head to an office everyday I would often purchase fun sweaters to wear around the holidays. 
If you wear a fun sweater at home and no one sees it, is it really fun?
Or are you spending too much time alone?
I do go trick or treating with my niece and nephew. I usually have to wear a coat, so this year I decided to make myself something cool that the kids would actually see.
I have had this fabulous Day of the Dead fabric in my stash since last October. Aren't the skeletons fantastic? I also came across this African themed fabric looking for the skeletons and decided to pull it out as well.
I cut out one of the skeletons and sewed it to some blue felt.
It still felt a little too light, so I sewed a second layer of black felt to give it a little more weight. I cut out the elephant and sewed it to some felt too!
I had planned to make some beaded arms and legs when I remembered the skeleton ornament I also bought last year. This metal skeleton was bigger than the fabric one I cut, but I decided to see if I could just use portions of the metal to add as my appendages.
The arms and legs looked perfect! At this point I flipped my elephant and skeleton over so I could sew on a pin back. Since the needle and thread were out.....I figured I should just sew on some beads now. Halloween is all about over embellishment!
Voila! One beaded fabric skeleton pin!
I love my little elephant too! He'll go on my jean jacket.


  1. What a spooky and fab attachment for your trick or treating - ENJOY


  2. I am in LOVE w/ your skelly!