Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pretty Colours and Things From Our Walkabout Today

We covered a lot of ground today.  From the 4rth district to the 2nd and then back to the 3rd.  We saw so many pretty things.  Anything embroidered is special in my book.
 I also love brightly painted things.
Here is a craft I am thinking about bringing home.  Styrofoam garden gnomes.  All you need to do is spray paint them.  Imagine them with glitter!!!
The macroons are multi-coloured.  Avoid purple.....we thought it might be blueberry.  It was lavender and tasted like a nice soap.
 Ah Mona.  Against black or the French Blue Red and White.  She always looks great.
 Polka dots are everywhere!  Prepare for a North American invasion next year.
Finally, the last thing we saw before heading into the apartment.  The tower looks majestic and the red awning is lovely.