Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Manet, The Man Who Invented Modern Art

This might have been the only picture I had to share with you about my trip to see the new Manet exhibit at Musee dOrsay today.
I know I can always clip something from a website. However, I really LOVE to take my own pictures in art galleries.  In fact, I live to take my own pictures.  Respectfully of course.  No Flash.  I never hog the room and I try not to set off any alarm bells. So you can imagine my surprise to see the no camera posters all over the Musee today.  I assumed they meant no flash photography.....but no.
It is a no pictures allowed at all policy.
I guess they expect us all to line up in the gift store to buy the postcards as mementos.

Just one year ago I took this picture of one of the Manet paintings now in the exhibition.  I took a lot of pictures that day and over the last five years.  I'll have to really treasure them now and hope all the other art galleries don't adopt similar policies.
Joan of Arc.
We passed her on the way to the Musee today.  Proud and strong in the blue sky.
Bet she would have challenged the Musee anti picture policy.