Friday, March 11, 2011

My Last Tweet Samples

I am just wrapping up the samples I started for the next two products I will debut on The Shopping Channel this spring. When I make samples for TV, I know that I need to allow the home viewer the opportunity to see what is in any of the kits I am presenting.

These two amazing 4 x 12 die cut borders are a pleasure to show off. I love trees! The first border also has some resin in key spots so you'll see the prettiest sheen when you handle the die cut. These trees highlight pictures Paul took in Vermont. I'll add my own journaling once the sample is no longer needed.

The second border features a fantastic colour palette.

I found some great family photos to work with and I think anyone who loves scrap booking will want these borders for their own projects.
This will be the kit I will be showing: Tweet Trimming. I am really looking forward to my next on-air day!

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