Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Anna Pavlova Necklace

Earlier this week I posted a picture of three bezels which were drying after a resin pour. I knew that I would turn them into a necklace and today I can show you the finished piece!

The idea for the necklace came after I stumbled across this beautiful digital file. This is an illustration of the famous ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. The very first "adult" book I read as a child was a biography of Anna Pavlova. I became very interested in her life and in Russia.

I placed the image into three bezels and then I used wire to connect them into this long pendant.

This necklace looks so beautiful on. The chain is choker length.


  1. What a beautiful piece! I especially like the choker part and how its manages to complement the larger pendant despite its being so delicate.

  2. Carmi,
    That is a wonderful necklace. You can be very proud!!! Fabulous picture and I love the color combo.

  3. Wow, flawless necklace which is so beautiful and unique too.I love the way you have designed it.Great work.