Sunday, March 06, 2011

Miss Scarlet's School of Patternless Sewing

This new book by the Crafty Chica is available to order right now!

The Crafty Chica is Kathy Cano-Murillo and hopefully you have had the good fortune to already read her first book: "Waking Up in The Land of Glitter." This new book will have you dreaming about your sewing machine and you will begin to think about how to design your own clothing.

Kathy's first book made me laugh out loud on a plane ride home. Because she is a star in the craft world she knows just how to write about a technique or event that is craft oriented. So, if you love to sew or want to learn to sew, the techniques and samples that her characters use in this book are so easy to visualize. Especially her description in the book about making a duct tape mannequin. You'll want to gather some friends and make one right away!

Kathy's book has a character who has a connection to Carmen Miranda. The references to this artist made me pick up a biography about her too. I want to know more about Carmen and her clothing.

What I enjoy most about Kathy's writing style is her skill at weaving the lives of different women together. Art and craft does create some unusual friendships. I see it all the time. Whether you meet at a rubber stamp class or an ATC exchange, somehow women with completely different lives join together around their love of a craft. I have always enjoyed watching an art gang interact. You know the type of group. They travel to events or classes together. They kid and joke with one another and poke fun at their craftastrophies. They are all different. One might have a serious career, one might be retired, one might have just had a baby and the fourth could be in high school. Art brings them together and Kathy's books celebrate these connections.

Life can be very stressful. We all have worries and concerns. Taking the time to totally immerse yourself in a happy book that distracts you from everything is a gift. Kathy's book was a mini holiday for me in February. No doubt I read it too quickly because I was dying to know how it would end. Later this spring I will re read it again at a slower pace. I'll be smiling as I do, knowing that Kathy's characters will be alright by the end of the book.