Thursday, February 03, 2011

Button Jewelery at the Craft and Hobby Show (CHA)

This post features pictures of fabulous button jewelery from one booth at CHA. The lighting in the booth was mostly bright but occasionally pieces were in the dark with a spot light on them. But here is the biggest problem. I took more than two dozens photos...and not one tells me whose booth this is. I hope by the time I post it someone will answer my Facebook query and can tell me whose fabulous designs these are.
So, let me begin. This black fiber and button necklace was my favorite.

You can see when I got in close and used my flash that these layered buttons were made from fabric. I LOVE THIS!!!

This piece was a show stopper too. The green sewn leaf inspires me to do all sorts of things.

The layering in the extra large buttons was an eyeopener. What a great design.

This is so me. I would have bought it if it was for sale.

Buttons of fun!

Their show mannequin was a stunning gal. Check out the big paper punch in her hat and the spool of thread as the necklace focal piece.

Metals, crystals and a spool of thread. Fantastic!

And one last great idea!
Soon this spot will be used when I can tell you which company sponsored all these amazing samples: __________________________________________________!

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