Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Remembrance Day Cards

I was going to post pictures of these special Remembrance Day cards tomorrow. I have never made cards for this day in the calendar. The one person in my life who I would have sent such a card too is now gone.

I decided to post the cards today so that I could tell you about the wonderful website that provided these images free of charge. I stumbled across Yours Truly last week and thought it was wonderful that they provided these free poppy downloads.

They even provided a sheet of sentiments. I opted to print my wording on ribbon.

It is easy to make a set of cards. Hopefully, anyone who needs one for tomorrow, will have the chance to make a quick card today.


  1. these are fabulous Carmi... and thanks for the link

  2. Ahhh. If you lived closer I could have dropped these off...knowing that you can use them!

  3. These are lovely, Carmi. Thanks for cluing us in. You did a beautiful job on them!