Thursday, October 28, 2010

Crocheted Necklaces

I am truly amazed that I finished this necklace in the class I took last week at the Creativ Festival. Laura Timmons was the instructor, and as a Swarovski Elements Ambassador, she has a huge following of students around the world.

Now. Truth be told. I read the class description several times. No crocheting experience was required, so I assumed a good portion of the class would be learning how to actually crochet.
Turns out, I was the only one in the class that had never held a crochet needle. Soon as she started the class, everyone settled in to the flower crocheting. Laura sat with me to teach me how to crochet. Yeah for me...a private class. This is the first thing I have ever crocheted. The thick yarn helped me to see.

Then I sat down to start the flowers I would need for the necklace. We were using amazing new yarns from Swarovski. Can you see how the Dark Brown Faux Suede is already encrusted with crystals? I felt like I was working with the most expensive yarn ever.....I hesitated and almost went back to the thick sample yarn Laura had in her stash.

When I am nervous, I work fast. I knocked the flowers out as quick as I could. They were wonky, but I was worried I would forget how to make them and didn't want the instructor to have to come back for yet another one on one...even though she offered!

Note to self. Next time you crochet, start with some inexpensive yarn.

The next day I was signed up for another class: Twisted Crystals Necklace. In other words, crocheting with wire. Yup, I was the only one in the class of 50 that hadn't crocheted before, or worked with crystal to make flowers. Laura had a second Swarovski Ambassador teaching with her so I get to meet a Canadian gal named Stephanie Dixon. She was so great and upbeat!
With her help, I finished this class too. My necklace isn't perfect, but I loved making it! I will need a lot more practice!!

But my flowers sure did turn out great!

If you get a chance to take a class with the Swarovski Ambassadors you really should! Their class kits are so generous! I even won one of Laura's bracelets in the class.

By the way, the beautiful crystal encrusted yarns are available at I linked to the page here. They have cotton, cashmere, faux suede and mohair yarn!


  1. They look totally great to me! I think this was really brave of you and makes one realize what an "original" you are!

  2. I agree, totally great!

    Have you yet signed up for their next class?


  3. Well done!!! I love to Crochet,gorgeous necklace!

  4. Im following you from Israel....fabulous, as always !