Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Paris Flower I Can Not Name

Aren't these stunning?
This April In Paris this flower was everywhere and I fell in love.
I thought they were roses, then poppies then I started to ask people.
The problem was that each time I asked for the name I was given one in French which I immediately forgot.
In the antique market, I spotted yet another bouquet.

The vendor was amused with how much I wanted to capture these flowers in a photo. She took the time to write the name of the flower on a business card..which I can't find.
Blog readers. Help! Do you recognize this flower?


  1. My first thought was camellia. Don't quote me tho'!

  2. Hi, Carmi, these are ranunculus. You can find them on wikipedia for more info!

  3. Thank you girls!! Mystery finally solved!