Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The New Pledge - I'll Never Buy A Box Again!

See this cute little pile of boxes?
I made them.
In minutes.
Using my own paper stash.

A few weeks ago I tested out the Crafter's Companion Ultimate Cardmaking system. I thought I would only need the card making parts of this amazing tool. Turns out I want to learn how to make everything!

Sara, the inventor of this tool was back on The Shopping Channel last week and we got to spend a whole day together. She had amazing samples and I was desperate to get a little time to see what I could make.
These are the first three boxes I have ever made. NO MEASURING. The board does all the math. Having watching the inventor demo it 6-8 times I was starting to think I had already made some boxes. But I hadn't so yesterday I made time to see if I could become a box maker. I have a whole new set of extra thick 3 Birds card stock which I will be launching soon. These boxes are going to make good samples since I used those new papers to make these first boxes.

An hour later, I was pulling out leather paper so I could create a special box for the Poufs (c) I make.
Finally, a perfect presentation box. I'll never buy a box again!

You need a good thick card stock if you want to score lines to make boxes. Glancing at my stash, it occurred to me that some of the paper sets I have came with beautifully printed thick covers. So I cut those covers up....which means I am recycling now too! I am using card stock which would ordinarily be trashed.

Aren't these boxes gorgeous? From what most of us would consider the advertising on the cover of the stack!

Then I started pulling out ribbon.
Don't ask. The studio is a disaster and I am only interested in making more boxes.....