Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Metro to Porte De Clignancourt

There are more than a few Sundays when I wake up here in Canada and just sigh.
I am grateful for my home, family and friends. Extra grateful. Love my country.
But if I was in Paris this morning I would be getting a coffee to go sorted.
I would be checking to see if I had an extra shopping bag or two to bring...just in case..
I would be sorting my Euros and seeing if there was anything extra in my purse that might weigh me down during the day. My camera battery and back up battery would be located.
Then I would be out the door and heading to the nearest Metro which would take me all the way north of the city to the huge antique market.
Sundays in Paris means hunting for treasures.
Today, someone else is buying that extra special button that I am certain would have changed my life.