Thursday, July 01, 2010

Images on Shell

There are many, many transfer techniques. I only use one, and while it may be the most expensive option, it pays me back with perfect transfers every time. When I want to transfer an image I use Lazertran.

I started out this project with these shell rectangles. I have been waiting for some time to free up so I could transfer some images to their translucent surface.

As you can see from my table, I made quite a few pendants. Once I get an idea for something I usually make a half dozen at the same time.

Although these pendants are gorgeous and wearable, I plan to use them on an art card series.

But I'll keep one of each to wear on a necklace.

It's Canada Day! So I am just enjoying doing some odd chores both inside and outside today. I have a trellis to set up and some outdoor art to hang on brick. Have a great day friends!