Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Plaid Stencil Silk Screen T-shirt Idea

How decadent does this look?

I have been chomping at the bit to make this t-shirt for months now.
I was on The Shopping Channel with Donna Dewberry this spring and she presented these fast and easy (and inexpensive) silk screen stencil kits.

You just lay the stencil down on a t-shirt and with the handy dandy squeegee you just pull a line of paint (included)in one direction on the stencil and you have a silk screened t-shirt. The gold paint dried beautifully. I thought I might just leave the t-shirt as is....but I just could not! I'm an over embellisher!

The kit came with some glue and rhinestones too. So that got me thinking....I have this box of Rhinestones from 3 is filled with even more shapes and sizes. I just started gluing!

Before I knew it the gluing was over. I was almost done, but then I grabbed some gold chain and sewed it in place around the collar. Since I was sewing...I added a few more charms and dangles.....The I found a real cameo in my stash and covered the gold painted one.....

All done. Now where to wear it?