Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lovely Cherry Wood Bezel Pendants

These are handmade cherry wood bezels that I filled with lovely images and embellishments. The image of the girl and birdcage is from a vintage postcard I picked up in Paris in April. I adore her and can think of many ways I want to use her in my artwork.

I ordered the wood bezels from Barbara and Marcos Suarez a few weeks ago. They have an Etsy shop filled with bezels I like. I thought I would order a set and see how they performed with resin. They arrived in the prettiest packaging. From the moment I ordered these bezels I knew I would make something special.

I left them out on my table for a few days. Choosing images was difficult because I had to select something special for each. I still have one bezel I have not used yet.

I was careful to pour my resin in several layers. I wanted to be sure the resin didn't stain the wood or seep out through the seams. I babysat them for over a week waiting two days between each pour so that I could layer the embellishments. I had no difficulties at all!

Marie is lovely as always. I glued the bails on and I am now deciding what sort of chain to make for each pendant.

For today, the little bezels can just rest. I will put them in the sunshine so that the resin really sets perfectly.