Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lovely Cherry Wood Bezel Pendants

These are handmade cherry wood bezels that I filled with lovely images and embellishments. The image of the girl and birdcage is from a vintage postcard I picked up in Paris in April. I adore her and can think of many ways I want to use her in my artwork.

I ordered the wood bezels from Barbara and Marcos Suarez a few weeks ago. They have an Etsy shop filled with bezels I like. I thought I would order a set and see how they performed with resin. They arrived in the prettiest packaging. From the moment I ordered these bezels I knew I would make something special.

I left them out on my table for a few days. Choosing images was difficult because I had to select something special for each. I still have one bezel I have not used yet.

I was careful to pour my resin in several layers. I wanted to be sure the resin didn't stain the wood or seep out through the seams. I babysat them for over a week waiting two days between each pour so that I could layer the embellishments. I had no difficulties at all!

Marie is lovely as always. I glued the bails on and I am now deciding what sort of chain to make for each pendant.

For today, the little bezels can just rest. I will put them in the sunshine so that the resin really sets perfectly.


  1. Hi Carmi
    Very nice!
    We wish you the best

  2. Those are very nice! I do like the feel you get when using a "soft" material as wood -- and bought a round wood bezel from a bead shop some time ago, but I hadn't seen this style of settings before. Thanks for the link!

  3. I'm intrigued by the wooden bezels. You've filled them beautifully.

  4. You have such patience. They are lovely indeed.

  5. just gorgeous Carmi!!! where do you find the tiny metally bits? I have the hardest time finding them, no place locally has anything like them.