Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Cutest Bird Embellishment Ever!

I love when I can tell you about a product that is way beyond anything you would expect in the craft aisle.

I purchased these Jolee's Boutique 3-d stickers and really wanted to use them on something special. Allow me to to just point out their amazing recycled packaging. The packaging itself turns into tags which they already pre-printed on the kraft paper. Genius!

I try not to use commercially made embellishments on the arts cards I sell. But these bird cages would take hours to construct! The cage is printed on acetate, but the paper birds are actually wired and move.

I gathered some of my 3 Birds papers to create the perfect background home for these special bird cages.

Now that I photographed them I see the edges look plain. I might still add some glitter before I package them up.


  1. I have used these and love my results as well. can't remember where I bought them though so if you do, I'd love to know. Maybe from you?

  2. I bought my set at Michaels!

  3. What a fun project. Those bird stickers are adorable!!

  4. The bird cages are simply adorable! And I love how you used them.

  5. These are beautiful!