Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Jeweled Button

'I have written many posts about the buttons I make. This Frida button may be a new favorite.

Most days I make the button and try to figure out later what else I can add to it...especially if I am using it for an art card embellishment. Some of my buttons become magnets and those ordinarily stand alone without a dangle or extra attachment. Today's buttons though were inspired by the tear drop rhinestones I found in a grab bag. ( I often pick up grab bags if I am in a jewelery wholesaler because a lot of my resin work needs tiny embellishments that a grab bag can provide.) Knowing my jewels were light purple and black I started to look through my digital art images to see which might look great together. I selected a Frida and Marie image.

My button machine is in a fun place in my studio. These foam face mats are here because they are quite thick and keep the tools from sliding.
On their own, the buttons were quite pretty. I know they would sell quickly as fridge magnets.

But glammed up...they are so much better! I think I might attach a bin back though. I think they would be very pretty brooches after all.