Friday, June 18, 2010

Hard To Photograph Foil

Yes, I can hear you screaming!
"NOOOOOOOO. Not Christmas already!!"
Welcome to an art card makers world. I have to start my Christmas card production.
Really. I have to start now or I'll be pulling a month of all nighters in November. And, I have a really good incentive to start this year! These samples are made with the next pads of 3 Birds card stock I will be representing on The Shopping Channel.

It is the most beautiful foil card stock I have ever had access to in such an amazing array of colours that I have been cutting things out of it like a crazy person. It is perfect for Christmas cards so I went to my Cricut stash to see what images I had on my various cartridges. After I cut out all these deer I realized that the left over 12 x 12 card stock was a fantastic new background. I am playing with which paper to layer under it now.

It really is difficult to photograph. That will be an extra assignment for me this week too. I am sure I can do better than this. Aren't these reindeer the cutest in bright red? I wish I had them life size!

I'll focus on non Christmas too though. Foil.
I think it is just one more fabulous layer for me to work with.
I'll try to figure out a way to wear it!