Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vintage Image Button Necklace

There were four image buttons to choose from before I settled on this grouping of three.

I was editing some very old postcard files in photoshop this week to make some new buttons for my magnet wall at the Blue Banana store in Toronto. After making a few, I decided I just had to find a way to wear them. I love these 1920's woman. They are so glamorous. This kissing series is one of my favorites.

I knew when I bought my button making machines that I would do more than just make pins or magnets. Since I have so many jewelery components it is easy to see how quickly I joined these classic 1 1/2 inch buttons into this bigger pendant.

I am sure it will catch they eye when I wear it.
Perhaps I will put it on when I go downtown to rearrange my magnet wall.