Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Flash Cards And Paper Quilts

This is a fun project. Creating a set of your own flash cards.

I have had this huge tag die cut in my Accucut collection for well over two years now. I finally figured out a way to use it.

The 3 Bird card stock is a pastel set so I really loved working with a soothing colour wave.

The alphabet letters are card stock stickers from this new 3 Bird stack. I will have them on the show the next time I am on The Shopping Channel.

The card stock I am using is linen textured. It has great body and I decided to run it through the sewing machine. The texture gives the sewing machine foot something to grip. It really looked fantastic with the zig zag stitching.

I wanted to make a quilted paper back ground to show off these pictures of Magnus on his new quilt.

The beautiful edges are from another set I will show you tomorrow. I love this little layout!

So since the sewing machine was out.....I decided to make a number of 12 x 12 paper quilts.

I might use them as backgrounds for some beautiful postcards. I'll be experimenting with that idea today.