Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Little Shakespeare In Paris

I finally found this bookstore!
I bumped into it completely by accident and started to do a little hop while pointing at it from across the street. Shakespeare and Company is one of the oldest bookstores in Paris that sells books in the English language. This is really important to know if you lost your book enroute and need something great to read on the plane ride home. I always see it in movies and recently there was a large story in a newspaper at home about it. The store is now run by the daughter of the founder. They still have small rooms to lend authors who need a place to stay while working on their books. Can you imagine? An author in residence program. The whole building feels very giving.

The place was packed. Every nook and cranny had people in it. Reading or chatting. It really is an experience to be here. Books crammed to the ceiling both new and old. You won't know where to look.

Their quote out front.

This sure beats the huge bookstore I normally go to on a Sunday at home.
I left with one book smiling. I know I will go back.

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