Saturday, January 09, 2010

King Tut and I Are Freezing Our ......

Went to Notre Dame today. Yup, that is snow on the ground.
I won't lie. I was a popsicle by this point. It is bone chilling cold here...and I left winter in Canada. There isn't enough hot chocolate in Paris to compensate for the icy wind.

But here's someone who made me feel warm.
Gold covered and parked by the front. Could he be more out of place?

King Tut, who is perhaps colder than I, given his lack of a coat.
The things I do for this blog.....photowise. Maria, you better be laughing.

I had a lot of candles to light today. Being inside was just slightly warmer than outside. This church is clearly too big to heat. The choir was rehearsing, so it was nice to walk around quietly.

This was my second bride today. All I can say is that she must be frozen...and boy has she ever ruined the bottom of her dress.